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The concept of A Copper Mirror was inspired by the Daughters of Israel, who were enslaved in ancient Egypt. Rashi explains “when their husbands were weary from back-breaking labor, the women would go and bring them food and drink and give them to eat. Then the women would take the mirrors and each one would see herself with her husband in the mirror, and she would seduce him with words, saying, “I am more beautiful than you.” And in this way they aroused their husbands desire and would copulate with them, conceiving and giving birth there, as it is said Song of Songs 8:5 “Under the apple tree I aroused you” (Exodus 38:8).​

For us, A Copper Mirror symbolizes the path toward frank discussions about intimacy and desire. This site is a reflection of that original intent: addressing sexuality candidly, and fulfilling the need for sexual health information in the Jewish community.

While there are many websites that discuss sex, sexuality, health, and relationships, terribly few of them display an understanding of a person struggling to reconcile their desires with their faith.

This site was created with the hope that A Copper Mirror can provide a space for people to learn about sexual health and reflect on Jewish values around intimacy.

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